ADR Training and Dangerous Goods Awareness

Drivers of vehicles with tanks and certain tank components, and some drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods in packages must hold a vocational certificate of training known as ADR. Some drivers carrying limited quantities of Dangerous goods may attend a Danger Goods Awareness course instead.

You can find out more about becoming a Dangerous Goods Driver by clicking on the link below.

ADR (Accord Dangereux Routier) formally, the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) is a 1957 United Nations treaty that governs transnational transport of hazardous materials.

All drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods must attend an approved basic training course.

The purpose of the course is to equip drivers with information so that they:

  • are aware of the hazards in the carriage of dangerous goods.
  • can take steps to reduce the likelihood of an incident taking place.
  • can take all the necessary measures for their own safety and that of the public and the environment, to limit the effects of any incident that does occur.
  • have individual practical experience of the actions they will need to take.

At Martin’s Driver Training we offer courses in all categories of hazardous goods with the exception of explosives and radioactives.

Our instructor will ensure that the course is informative, but also fun; to ensure that you get the best from the course. The course is classroom based, with lectures and practical exercises.

In order to get your ADR certificate and ADR card you will need to sit a number of exams, during the course. The exams are multiple choice and are conducted online. The exam results will be available at the end of your course or on the following day, so there is no need to wait weeks for your exam results or your ADR card.

Please be aware that the training and tests can only be conducted in the English language.

Available Courses

ADR three day course (Class 3 and tanks only – INITIAL OR REFRESHER)

Core, Tanks and Class 3

£425 + vat per person (includes exam fees and cpc upload fees)

The course is also eligible for CPC credits, so 2 days CPC credits will be awarded for attending

  • 9th to 11th August 2022
  • ADR Four day course (initial or Refresher)

    Core-Packages-Classes 2,3,4,5,6,8&9.

    £500 + vat per person (includes exam fees and cpc upload fees)

    The course is also eligible for CPC credits, so 3 days CPC credits will be awarded for attending.

    • 22nd to 25th August 2022
    • 19th to 22nd September 2022
    • 24th to 27th October 2022
    • 21st to 24th November 2022

    ADR Five day course (initial or refresher).

    Core-Packages-Classes 2,3,4,5,6,8&9 + Tanks.

    £625 + vat per person (includes exam fees and cpc upload fees)

    The course is also eligible for CPC credits, so 4 days CPC credits will be awarded for attending.

    Future confirmed course dates are as follows.

    • 22nd to 26th August 2022
    • 19th to 23rd September 2022
    • 24th to 28th October 2022
    • 21st to 25th November 2022

    We also offer ADR awareness courses for carriers of limited quantities. This course is a one day course

    Dangerous Goods Awareness Course

    This course covers:

    • Overview of the ADR regulations
    • Health and Safety and the carriage of dangerous goods
    • UN Hazard Classes – classification, packing groups, shipping names 
    • UN Packaging Scheme – types, marking, labelling and general documentation
    • Vehicle Operations – compliance, documentation, equipment, PPE, tunnels, parking, small load limits, loading and unloading, accidents and terrorism measures.

    The course is a one day classroom course using visual presentations, theoretical examples, practical demonstrations and/or participation.

    This course is eligible for Certified CPD and also for one day CPC Periodic Training. Candidates will receive a CPD certificate and also a CPC certificate upon successful completion of the course.

    There are no scheduled courses at present. If you wish to attend a course, please contact us for details.

    The price for this course is £150 + vat per person (includes CPD and CPC registration where required)