LGV Driver Training

10th September 2021. Update to LGV licensing rules.
The government have proposed a change to the Large Goods Vehicle Licensing rules which is likely to take effect on 15th November 2021. In the meantime and until new testing procedures are in place, LGV driver training and testing will take place as normal.
When the changes take place candidates will still be able to take a category C test if they don’t want to drive an Articulated lorry, but those who want to drive an Articulated lorry can choose just to take one test. The new Articulated lorry course will be a longer course, so is not likely to be much of a cost saving for training costs, but it will streamline the process of getting the licence. If you are already booked for training in a Category C lorry, we would suggest that you still take the Category C test now, then you can take a shorter Articulated Lorry course at a later date. More driving tests are now available as a result of the cancellation of lots of car and trailer tests, so you might get your Articulated lorry courses sooner if you follow this route.
The requirements for obtaining a lorry licence are detailed on the government website, for further information click here.

If you are concerned about the theory tests, and think you might need additional assistance, we are able to provide individual or group tuition classes (£12 per hour + vat per person). These courses are arranged on demand so please call us to arrange a class.

We can arrange practical training for:

Category C1 7.5 tonne Goods Vehicle
Category C1E 7.5 tonne Goods Vehicle and Trailer
Category C Large Goods Vehicle
Category C+E Large Goods Vehicle and Trailer

There are three different ways of arranging your training.

  1. Intensive course. We will arrange an intensive course, usually over consecutive days with the driving test on the final day. The length of the course is based on the average course length for the type of vehicle.
  2. Tailored Course. You can arrange an initial few hours of training, so that you can see how your training goes. After the initial training, your instructor will recommend a suitable length of training. We can then take into account existing driving experience as well as aptitude.
  3. Training in stages. If you prefer to arrange your training a few hours at a time, we can also accommodate this (minimum 2 hours at a time).

Average course lengths (under the current training and test rules) are:

    • 2 days for (C1) 7.5 tonne goods vehicle (£835 incl vat and test fee)
    • 3 days for (C) Large goods vehicle (£1303 incl vat and test fee)
    • 3 days for (CE) Large goods vehicle (£1411 incl vat and test fee)

Course lengths are usually 6 hours driving per day and will be one to one with your instructor.

Hourly rates are as follows:

7.5 tonne Goods Vehicle £50 + vat per hour
Large Goods Vehicle £55 + vat per hour
Large Goods Vehicle and Trailer £60 + vat per hour

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Driving Jobs

With a national shortage of lorry drivers, there are lots of opportunities for new drivers to gain employment quickly. Whilst some employers prefer to recruit drivers with experience, there are also lots of employers who are happy to take drivers with little or no experience. We have contacts with a number of employers and driving agencies local to Norwich, who are looking for drivers, so we can point you in the right direction in order for you to get work soon after passing your test. A lot of our customers have found work in a matter of days after passing their driving test.