Forklift Training

Did you know that lift trucks are involved in around a quarter of all workplace transport accidents? These commonly used machines can seem simple to control on the face of it, but they can be tricky to master without the right instruction. Here at Martin’s Driver Training, we’re proud to be an RTITB accredited organisation, so you can rest assured that the coaching you and your team will receive ranks amongst the very best out there.

We are committed to delivering friendly, affordable, and comprehensive training across a variety of machines and disciplines, meaning your operators will be in the best possible position to go about their work safely, efficiently and in-line with the relevant rules and regulations.

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With bespoke courses available for both individuals and teams – read on to see how we can support the needs of you and your business.

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    What type of course are you looking for?

    • Refresher
      You have had forklift training previously and received a certificate which has expired/is due to expire

    • Experienced
      You have driven a Forklift before but have never been formally trained

    • Novice
      You have never driven a forklift before

    On successful completion of training, participants will receive an official certificate.
    Please call Carol on 01603 443954 to discuss your requirements.
    Price £250 + vat per day for one instructor and up to three trainees.

    Courses for Companies

    Training is available at your company’s premises (subject to suitable facilities being available) using your own vehicles. This is a fantastic option if: 

    • You have several team members to train at one time.
    • You want people to learn on your specific machines. 
    • You are keen for staff to experience manoeuvring and operating equipment in a safe, supervised manner within the particular environmental and architectural conditions found in your workplace.

    We are able to conduct training on the following vehicles:

    • Counterbalance Forklift (ABA categories B1, B2 and B3)
    • Reach Truck (ABA Categories D1 and D2)
    • Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler (ABA Categories J2 and J3)
    • Industrial Telescopic Handler (ABA category J4 and J5)
    • Pivot Steer Lift Truck (ABA Categories P1 and P2)
    • Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck (Moffett) ABA Category T(B1) or T(D1)
    • Vehicle Mounted Hydraulic Lorry Loader (HiAb)

    While course length will vary depending on the number of trainees and their previous experience, we are always more than happy to discuss your specific requirements and offer advice and assistance to arrange the best course for you.

    Why choose us to train your team? 

    • Upskill your workforce and increase efficiency.
    • Decrease dependency on a small pool of qualified operators. 
    • Ensure safety and procedural compliance are enshrined in your team’s day-to-day working methods. 

    Why choose Martin’s Driver Training?

    If you look through our online reviews, you’ll soon notice that words such as ‘friendly’, ‘fantastic’ and ‘brilliant’ crop up with welcome regularity! We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our training, but the supportiveness, patience and professional integrity that is instilled across every individual in our organisation. This starts with the team handling your enquiries and bookings and runs through every stage of your learning journey with our MDT training experts. 

    We’re committed to providing: 

    • Courses tailored to meet your exact needs. 
    • Competitive prices as standard.
    • A relaxed, friendly, and supportive learning environment. 
    • An individualised approach to training and communication. 

    We’re proud of what our happy customers have to say about us online, so why not check out our Google Reviews and see for yourself?