Driver CPC Periodic Training

You must complete 35 hours of Driver CPC Periodic Training every 5 years to keep your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. Our trainers have been approved to deliver approved training courses for periodic training.

To attend these courses you must hold a driver qualification card with less than five years to expiry, or your driver qualification card has already expired or you have ‘acquired rights’. If you are not sure if you are eligible, just give us a call and we will help you to confirm eligibility.

You should check the expiry date of your card and make sure that you have sufficient time to complete the training before the card expires. The following link explains what to do if you miss your training deadline.

If you have recently completed your 5th day of training but have not received your new card you should check to make sure that all the courses you have attended have been registered. You can check here. If a course you have attended is not showing on the record, you will need to contact the company that arranged your training, who can check with DVSA to make sure that the records are correct. If you have completed all your training, but your existing CPC card is not due to expire for more than a year then you will not receive your new cpc card until a year before its expiry.

We are currently offering the following CPC modules. (Saturday dates are highlighted with **)

DateCourse NameSuitable For
24/02/2020Vehicle Checks & Defects/Licence, Weights & DimensionsLorry Drivers Only
25/02/2020Health & Safety/Fire MarshallLorry & Bus Drivers
26/02/2020Vulnerable Road UsersLorry & Bus Drivers
27/02/2020Emergency First Aid at WorkLorry & Bus Drivers
28/02/2020Drivers Hours/TachographsLorry & Bus Drivers
29/02/2020**Security/Economical DrivingLorry & Bus Drievrs
23/03/2020Security/Economical DrivingLorry & Bus Drivers
24/03/2020Company & Public Image/Tiredness, Diet & LifestyleLorry & Bus Drivers
25/03/2020Vehicle Checks & Defects/Licence, Weights & DimensionsLorry Drivers Only
26/03/2020Vulnerable Road UsersLorry & Bus Drivers
27/03/2020Health & Safety/Fire MarshallLorry & Bus Drivers
28/03/2020**Drivers Hours/TachographsLorry & Bus Drivers
27/04/2020Vulnerable Road UsersLorry & Bus Drivers
28/04/2020Health & Safety/Fire MarshallLorry & Bus Drivers
29/04/2020Drivers Hours/TachographsLorry & Bus Drivers
30/04/2020Vehicle Checks & Defects/Licence, Weights & DimensionsLorry Drivers Only
01/05/2020Company & Public Image/Tiredness, Diet & LifestyleLorry and Bus Drivers
02/05/2020**Security/Economical DrivingLorry and Bus Drivers

Important Information

Dates and topics might be subject to change, and additional dates may be added from time to time. You should be aware that the government has confirmed that CPC will continue to be a requirement post BREXIT. You can read an article about this by following this link. To book or check availability please send an email to or call us on 01603 443954. Courses for individuals are available at our premises. The cost for each day is £74.75 (including VAT and DVSA upload fee). Courses for companies are available at your premises or at our premises. Minimum number of delegates is 8 per day. (Price on application).

Drivers Hours and Working Time Regulations

Please Note: Attendance at courses is a legal requirement of your occupation. Drivers and their employers should be aware of the requirements of the drivers’ hours regulations if courses are undertaken at weekends or on other drivers’ rest days. Time spent attending a course will probably affect the amount of driving or other work they may undertake under the drivers’ hours and working time regulations.